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Cover Story: Horse Racing Position Cuts Drag by up to 66%
Feature: How Much Fluid Do You Really Need After Exercise?
The science behind rehydration following strenuous exercise is often lost in market hype.
Illustration: Elia Pirtle
Feature: The Physics of Hamstring Injuries
A spring-mass “hamspring” system explains why one particular muscle in the hamstring group is so prone to injury in sprinting sports.
Has performance increased since the introduction of systematic doping?
Feature: Has Doping Harmed Athletic Performance?
An investigation of sporting performance over the past 125 years throws into doubt the assumption that doping improves athletic performance. Could it even have jeopardised it?
Online Feature: Exposing dopers in sport: is it really worth the cost?
If the achievements of confirmed cheaters and other athletes are similar does it mean the drugs don't work or is everyone cheating?