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Feature: Mining Minerals in Space
Space is a vast source of valuable minerals that could soon propel an extraterrestrial mining industry that underpins a colony on Mars.
Feature: Crowded Space: The Problem of Orbital Debris
The orbiting detritus of humanity’s exploration and exploitation of space poses a growing threat to operational space systems and crewed spaceflight activities.
Browse: Nanomaterial to Protect Astronauts from Space Radiation
Feature: Space as a Military Centre of Gravity
There is a common misconception that space is a pristine global commons that sits above terrestrial geopolitical rivalries. Nothing could be further from the emerging reality.
Browse: Hunter-Killer Satellite to Take Out Space Junk
Feature: Quantum Satellite Micius Challenges Einstein
Quantum cryptography experiments onboard a new Chinese Earth satellite foreshadow secret communications on a global scale with security guaranteed by the laws of physics.
Browse: Meteoritic Time Capsules
Asteroid impacts can preserve tiny fragments of the ecosystems they destroy, creating a time capsule for us to open on an ancient world.
Curiosity using its Chemistry and Camera instrument
Feature: Life Beneath Mars
The continual discovery of water on other planets raises the hope that now is our time to find life beyond Earth.
Feature: Star Laws: Legal Controls on Armed Conflict in Outer Space
An undeclared military space race is unfolding yet there is no clear understanding of how international law operates in the field of armed conflict in outer space.
Feature: The Mars Challenge
Mars is the only other planet in the solar system where humans could possibly live, but the first colonists there will need some amazing science and meticulous planning to cope with cosmic radiation and find ways to generate air, water, food and energy.
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conSCIENCE: Lessons from Space Camp
Fascination with space travel can launch primary students into a life of maths and science discovery.
conSCIENCE: Australia’s Space Agency Must Define Our Future in Space
Australia’s space agency needs to embrace the small, agile and innovative path of Space 2.0.
Cool Careers: Circuits for Satellites
For a wide brown land, the prospect of finding water has always been tantalising. Now a final-year engineering student has found a way to contribute to this quest, winning a scholarship to attend the NASA Academy in the process.
Expert Opinion: Liquid water on Mars
Salty streaks identified by an orbiting spacecraft could be the first solid evidence of liquid water - a key ingredient for life as we know it - on Mars.
Expert Opinion: Musk’s Mission to Mars
Elon Musk provided an update on his quest to colonise Mars at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, where he described a reusable rocket to overcome cost barriers and an ambitious schedule to land cargo missions on Mars by 2022.
Expert Opinion: First Stars May Have Revealed the Dark Matter Particle
CSIRO’s Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory has detected a faint silhouette of the first stars after the Big Bang. Its extreme coldness indicates the existence of the dark matter particle.
Expert Opinion: NASA has Mars InSight
NASA's InSight lander has touched down on Mars after spending almost 7 months travelling through space. Its mission is to measure the temperature of the red planet and listen out for any earthquakes to help scientists understand more about the interior of the planet.
Expert Opinion: Australia's Space Agency to Land in Adelaide
Australia’s Space Agency will touch down in Adelaide by mid-2019. It is hoped that it will help triple Australia’s space economy to $12 billion by 2030.
Lowe Tech: Lift-off for Space Agency
The re-establishment of an Australian space agency is expected to generate billions of dollars after decades of neglect of the sector.
Out of this World: Rare Rectangular Galaxy Found
News from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Out of this World: Siding Spring Observatory Survives Fire Threat
Most of Australia stood mesmerised in January as a fire raged across the Warrumbungle National Park in NSW, which is home to Australia’s world-class optical and infrared telescopes at Siding Spring Observatory.
Out of this World: Massive Star’s Dying Blast Caught By Pure Chance!
A massive star’s dying blast has been caught by pure chance, and how early moons collided to form today’s Moon.
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe will expand our knowledge of the origin and evolution
Out of this World: Humanity’s First Visit to a Star
A probe will travel through the Sun’s atmosphere, and astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole known in the universe.
Quandary: Mars Mission Bioethics 101
A one-way trip to Mars, funded from the rights to a reality TV show, raises many bioethical issues.
Up Front: Lost in Space
Australia’s space industry has been adrift in a vacuum of national neglect for more than 20 years, but that is about to change.
Up Front: A Military Motive for the Space Agency
National security, not economic opportunity, may have motivated the government’s new interest in a sovereign space capability.
Up Front: Australia’s Place in a Modern Space Race
Australia’s space industry will have to pick sides in a new space race 50 years since astronauts first landed on the Moon.
Odd Spot: Food in Space
This infographic will take you on a journey through the evolution of food in space, show you the challenges of eating in zero gravity, educate you on space food preparation processes, and explain why food is such an important factor in keeping the astronauts sane.
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