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Buzz Aldrin setting up seismic equipment on the Moon in 1969.
Cover Story: Lies, Damn Lies, and Science
Conspiratorial thinking is a major element in the rejection of a broad range of scientific findings, from climate change to tobacco, vaccinations, GM foods and the moon landing. But why?
James Randi
Feature: James Randi: An Honest Liar
James Randi discusses his greatest achievements, disappointments, what woo annoys him the most, and the challenges fracturing the skeptical movement.
Browse: Skeptics Award Bent Spoon to New CSIRO Chief Naked Skeptic: Smart People, Strange Ideas
Even people who are rational about most matters can hold opinions that aren’t supported by science or even common sense.
Naked Skeptic: Go! Learn Things!
Knowing about science is more important than doing science because it helps you separate sense from nonsense.
Online Feature: Swisse Vitamins highlights the failure of industry self-regulation
Encouraging GPs to “on-sell” products to patients is likely to produce unnecessary or inappropriate prescribing