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Browse: Vaping and Heated Tobacco Devices Are Toxic to Lung Cells conSCIENCE: Big Tobacco’s Innovative Smokescreen
While tobacco companies claim to be cooperating with health authorities to reduce smoking, new tobacco products are squarely aimed at recruiting new smokers.
Cool Careers: Fighting Lobbyists with Science
Simon Chapman has fought the tobacco industry, gun lobby and even opponents of wind farms and swimming pool fences.
CSIRO in bed with big tobacco
Pockley's Point: How a Communications Saga Rocked CSIRO
A "warts and all" account of CSIRO has sidestepped some of its most embarrassing failures. The first blog in a series published online this month outlines the documentary evidence behind CSIRO's appointment of a tobacco lobbyist as its Director of Communications, which led to a public black ban of Australasian Science.