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Cover Story: Sex: Why Does It Have To Be So Complicated?
Sex. Three simple letters and a world of complication. How can something so simple, so natural and so very important be so bewilderingly complicated?
Feature: The Evolving Story of Heredity
Biologists are discovering that there is a lot more to heredity than genes. In the latest twist, it turns out that offspring size in an Australian fly species can be determined by the diet of its mother’s previous mating partner.
Feature: In the Eye of the Beholder
Beauty is a subjective value, but studies are finding that mate choice is often affected by upbringing, self-esteem and previous experiences in courtship.
Browse: Sexual Activity May Influence Endometriosis
Female Lake Eyre dragon lizards will flip over onto their backs to prevent males
Feature: No Honey, Not Tonight: Why and How Female Animals Avoid Sex
So much of our obsession with sex revolves around how to get it, and how often, but the females of many animal species have evolved remarkable adaptations to avoid it. Why?
Body shape accounts for almost 80% of the variance in men’s attractiveness.
Feature: The Masculinity Paradox
Does being “manly” make you a better mate or does it signal undesirable characteristics?
Browse: Males Make Fast Sperm for Sisters
Paris Hilton
Feature: Sex in the Economy
The imprint of the competition for mates and status can be seen in the past and present shape of our economy.
A large female golden orb-web spider
Feature: Along Came a Spider
The comparative size and weight of two animals determines the outcome of 80% of fights. Now a small spider has revealed the physiological factors that help explain the other 20% of contests.
The first act of copulation in vertebrates
Feature: A Kink in the History of Sex
The discovery of the first vertebrate to have copulated reveals not only the genesis of different male and female forms but also some surprising kinks in how sex has evolved.
Oxytocin is the molecule that helps a mother bond with her baby
Feature: The Myth of the Love Hormone
There is a molecule intimately involved in your sex life. However, its effects are not as straightforward as some would make you think.
Frogs have to adjust their calls in order to be heard in noisy urban environment
Feature: Sex in a Changing World
Sex isn’t always easy, but it’s becoming a lot more complicated due to human-induced changes to the natural environment.
Browse: Locker Room Anxiety
Men who are bothered about the size of their muscles, or their penises, are more anxious in the locker room than the bedroom, a Victoria University study has found.
Feature: Top 10 Science Stories of 2014
A recap of the top science stories in 2014, from Ebola's spread and a Facebook experiment that wasn't "liked" to the discovery of Richard III's remains and the world's largest dinosaur.
Feature: The Evolution of Sexes
Sex does not depend on the existence of different sexes. Instead, males and females may be the result of genetic conflict arising from the evolution of large and complex individuals.
Browse: Alcohol Availability Makes Sexual Assault More Likely
Eureka!: Strange experiments and research findings
Facebook Boosting Grey Matter
Eureka!: Costly Copulation
Wasps and bats upsize their meals when they catch prey that are in the act of mating.
Eureka!: Sloppy Barnacle Sex
What does a barnacle do when its penis isn’t long enough? And how can Coca-Cola save you from gastric surgery?
Eureka!: Suicidal Sex Explained
Sex is suicidal for some marsupials, and termites communicate by headbaging.
Neuropsy: Scent of a Woman
Does the lack of a sense of smell affect personal and sexual relationships?
Up Close: Pregnancy 2.0: The lingering effects of modern reproductive technologies
Reproductive biologist Dr Mark Green discusses early embryo development and how a range of environmental factors such as IVF, nutrition and chemicals can have lasting effects on health of the organism.
Up Close: You've got male: The wide-ranging effects of testosterone
Endocrinologist and hormone researcher Prof Jeffrey Zajac talks about the broad and transformative effects of testosterone on the male body.
Online Feature: Sex, Food and Pseudoscience
Sexcereal is a his-and-hers line of breakfast cereals that claims to boost your love life.
Online Feature: Big bang theory: how did dinosaurs have sex?
How did dinosaurs mate and what evidence do we have to reconstruct their sex lives?
Online Feature: Is sexual addiction the real deal?
Researchers have measured how the brain behaves in "hypersexual" people who have problems regulating their viewing of sexual images.
Online Feature: Happy National Orgasm Day
New research has tested two predictions concerning womens' orgasms as signals of the likelihood of fidelity and conception.
Online Feature: Can people really be addicted to sex?
Is there a neurological basis to hypersexuality?