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conSCIENCE: Science Diplomacy, Italian Style
Scientists should be working with diplomats in matters of foreign policy to resolve present-day global problems.
conSCIENCE: The Warming War
There is a legal basis for the United Nations Security Council to declare climate change as a threat to international peace and security.
Directions: Six Steps to a Balanced Economy
Australia can take six steps to secure its future as a balanced economy, says the Australian CEO of a global company.
Lowe Tech: Politicians Abandon Science, Community Abandons Politicians
Should we trust bureaucrats more than elected politicans or scientists to make decisions about new technologies?
Lowe Tech: A Great Leap Backwards
Queensland’s new government has reduced support for solar energy and resolved to ban the teaching of climate science in schools.
Naked Skeptic: Just the Facts, Ma’am
Legislators continue to either refute or ignore science when it clashes with their ideology.
Simon Says: Science After the Election
Who is likely to be responsible for science after the Federal election, and are they qualified to represent it?
Simon Says: Political Immunity
Vaccination sceptics are active in all vaccinated societies, but which side of politics they inhabit is a matter of national difference.
Up Front: Jobs, Growth and... Science
Early next month Australians will head to the election polls, and for once scientific issues have bubbled to the surface.
Up Front: Science Meets Parliament (But No Minister)
It’s not enough to win the hearts of politicians when the government itself lacks a head for science.
The Funneled Web: Do Chief Scientific Advisors Speak Only to the Hand?
Does the Chief Scientist have any influence on the government or Opposition?