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Feature: New Defence Act Handcuffs Science
Australian scientists risk huge fines and even imprisonment under new laws that will give Defence bureaucrats extraordinary powers over their research.
Browse: Optical Sensor Detects Trace Amounts of Explosives
Browse: Gadget Helps the Vision-Impaired to Read Graphs
Feature: Future-Proofing Students
Ten partnerships are piloting an innovative program that provides high school students with an industry-supported pathway to a STEM-related qualification.
conSCIENCE: Engineering Australia’s New Wealth
It’s time to connect the dots between invention, innovation and the role of engineering.
Feature: Larry and the Science Factory
After meeting with new CEO Larry Marshall, Ian Maxwell looks at CSIRO’s place among public and private interests, and the options from here.
Browse: Sticky Tape the Key to Ultrathin Solar Cells conSCIENCE: A “Better Than Ever” R&D Tax Incentive?
Some advice for the government as it sets its sights on revamping support for innovation.
conSCIENCE: Defence Takes Control over Australian Research
A new law comes into force this month that puts scientists at risk of imprisonment and businesses at risk of losing their intellectual property.
conSCIENCE: Stem Cell Industry Must Tread a Fine Line
The emerging stem cell industry needs to be able to fast-track therapies into clinical trials without clearing the way for clinics to offer unproven therapies to vulnerable patients.
conSCIENCE: Chemistry: 21st Century Science for the Global Economy
It’s time for public recognition of the fact that, in a country where almost all of the 92 natural elements can be found, chemistry offers Australia sustainable economic prosperity.
conSCIENCE: Reinventing the Lucky Country
The challenges facing Australia in the 1960s have not been addressed, and a new challenge will need to be overcome before we can really become a lucky country.
conSCIENCE: It’s Time We Had a Conversation About Net Neutrality
Net neutrality is more than an issue about consumer internet access and speeds. It also has implications for freedom of speech, competition and innovation.
Directions: Six Steps to a Balanced Economy
Australia can take six steps to secure its future as a balanced economy, says the Australian CEO of a global company.
Directions: Boosting Our Innovation Dividend
It’s time for urgent action to drive productivity and prosperity.
Directions: Moving Our Focus from Innovation to Productivity
Innovative businesses achieve better productivity and profitability.
Directions: Australia Needs Integrated Growth in Agriculture
Strategic investment in technology, science and engineering innovation is required.
Directions: Time for a New Measure of Research Impact
We need to measure industry engagement as well as publications.
Directions: International Engagement Is an Essential Strategy
Australia must improve its efforts in international collaboration to optimise its research investment.
Directions: “Dr Who” Products Are the Future of Manufacturing
Mass production is dying, opening up manufacturing opportunities for a high-tech bespoke industry.
Directions: Retaining the Lead in Solar Cell Technology
Australia must embrace change to realise its advantage in solar photovoltaics.
Directions: Unconventional Gas Needs the Right Support and Controls
Unconventional gas faces two issues: its role as an energy source and social acceptance.
Directions: Our Wastewater Is a Valuable, Recoverable Resource
Australia can quickly turn our wastewater from a burden to a benefit.
Directions: What’s Ahead for the Minerals Industry?
Significant innovation is a must to satisfy mining regulators and communities.
Directions: Research Needs a New Narrative
Research is a tapestry of creativity that enriches the society in which we live.
Directions: Securing Our Digital Future
Our digital future depends on preparing industry and society for change.
Directions: Science Can Leverage Soft Power
Australia is well-placed to use the expertise, networks and infrastructure of our science, technology and innovation sectors to leverage international influence.
Directions: Biomimetics Draws from Nature’s Genius
Nature is inspiring simple solutions to complex engineering problems.
Expert Opinion: Musk’s Mission to Mars
Elon Musk provided an update on his quest to colonise Mars at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, where he described a reusable rocket to overcome cost barriers and an ambitious schedule to land cargo missions on Mars by 2022.
Lowe Tech: The Electric Vehicle Challenge
Installations of solar and wind energy will need to maintain their pace to ensure that the coming demand for electric vehicles won’t be powered by fossil fuels.
Lowe Tech: What We Learned in the Election Campaign
The election revealed a bipartisan lack of understanding of the role of science in innovation and of the coal industry in the fate of the Great Barrier Reef.
Simon Says: Resetting Research Priorities
Our latest strategic research agenda reveals marginal changes and a faster pace of renewal.
Up Front: Defence Act Casts a Long Shadow
The battle now shifts from public good to commercial research, as new Defence powers threaten a broad range of “dual-use” technologies.
Up Front: Lost in Space
Australia’s space industry has been adrift in a vacuum of national neglect for more than 20 years, but that is about to change.
Online Feature: Australia needs fundamental research to build a great country
It's taken only 2 months for misgivings about the Abbott government's approach to science policy to be confirmed.
Online Feature: The state of Australia: science innovation and research
In the lead up to the federal budget, the story of crisis has been hammered home. How is Australia's science and innovation faring?
conSCIENCE: From Prickly Pears to Quantum Computing: Enjoying the Fruits of Australian Science
The government’s blueprint for scientific research will create a more innovative and entrepreneurial Australia.
conSCIENCE: Future Research Stars Are Born in Every Town
Labor believes that “Australia cannot be an innovation nation unless we are an education nation – and a science and research nation”.