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Articles related to influenza

Browse: A One-Shot Flu Jab for Life Browse: Disease Outbreaks Identified with Google
Infectious disease outbreaks can be detected 2 weeks earlier by tracking internet searches, a review in Lancet Infectious Diseases has confirmed.
Browse: One Jab for Flu Vaccine Expert Opinion: Effectiveness of Flu Drug Questioned
A Cochrane review of the effectiveness and side-effects of the drug Tamiflu raises critical questions around the future of government stockpiling of such drugs for use in an influenza pandemic.
Up Close: Contagion calculation: Forecasting and tracking outbreaks of influenza
Epidemiologist Assoc Prof Jodie McVernon discusses research into tracking and predicting the spread of influenza and other viral diseases like Ebola.
Online Feature: Rare Occurrence of Humans Harboring Two Flu Strains Simultaneously in Global Flu Hot-Spot
While dual infections in Cambodia did not produce new strain, study cites need for continuous tracking against risk of different influenza viruses combining to create a new pandemic.
Online Feature: Censoring influenza research: gagging scientists could put lives at risk
Tying the arms of our scientists behind their backs will put lives at stake and set a dangerous precedent.
Online Feature: The Tamiflu saga shows why all research data should be public
Attempts to evaluate whether the antiviral drug Tamiflu is effective have been stymied by lack of access to the data from clinical trials.
Online Feature: Questions over effectiveness of flu drugs
Researchers call for guidance on use of Tamiflu in light of most recent evidence about efficacy and side-effects.