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Browse: “Botox for Plastic” Prevents Polymer Ageing Browse: No Reliable Evidence of Wind Farm Syndrome, Says NHMRC
Browse: Plastic Waste Reverse Engineered Into Clean Fuel Browse: Solar Paint Produces Hydrogen Fuel
Browse: Cool Paint Blows Air Con Costs Away Browse: Algae Boost Cattle Nutrition
Browse: Superradiance Solves Solar Storage Browse: Increased Emissions in Coal Seam Gas Fields
Browse: Hydrogen Production without the Precious Metal Feature: Living on Thin Air
Soil bacteria can survive lengthy periods without food or water by metabolising hydrogen. How they do this has wider implications for understanding the biology of soils, the chemistry of the atmosphere and the development of artificial catalysts to harness hydrogen as a fuel source.
Cover Story: Artificial Photosynthesis: Feeding and Fuelling the Future
A global scientific project using nanotechnology and synthetic biology to re-engineer photosynthesis may help solve our energy, food, water and greenhouse gas problems.
Feature: The Two Degree Dilemma
We’ve agreed to limit the rise in global temperature to 2°C, but how will we do it?
Feature: Wind Farms: Their True Impact on Birds and Bats
Monitoring wind farms for impacts on birds and bats is an expense that could be better directed at conservation programs for threatened species.
Browse: Nanotubes Power Up
Nineteenth and 21st century technologies have come together with the discovery that carbon nanotubes dipped in nitrocellulose could form lightweight batteries capable of powering very small devices.
Browse: Expensive Electricity Increases Asthma
Asthma attacks have been linked to the price of electricity, with a study finding that hospital admissions rise when prices are higher.
Browse: Carbon Capture Stimulated by UV Light
If the coal industry has a future in a carbon-constrained world, its saviour may be a form of solar power.
Browse: Fusion Failure Fixed Browse: Coal Power Stations Disrupt Regional Rainfall
conSCIENCE: Carbon and Forests: The Big Picture
Energy generated by burning forestry waste and other biomass sources should be recognised as renewable.
conSCIENCE: Burying CO2 Is Cool
Carbon capture and storage is a necessary component of any realistic effort to control global warming.
Directions: Chasing the Low Carbon Energy Solution
No single policy will achieve sustainable and affordable energy.
Directions: Can Australia Meet the Paris Climate Challenge?
We need to accelerate our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Eco Logic: Fossil Fuel Footprint Stepping on Biodiversity
The footprint of fossil fuels is encroaching on biodiversity hotspots that are currently undeveloped.
Expert Opinion: Nuclear Waste Sites Shortlisted
The Federal government has shortlisted six sites for a permanent National Radioactive Waste Management Facility. The site will contain Australia’s low-level radoactive waste, with the capacity to store some intermediate-level waste.
Expert Opinion: Labor's 2019 Climate Policy
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has unveiled Labor's climate change policy — the plan it will use to reach its target of cutting emissions by 45% by 2030, and ensure half of Australia's energy comes from renewable sources by 2050.
Lowe Tech: White Washing Energy Policy
The draft energy white paper would have looked out of date 25 years ago, when we already knew about the problems of “peak oil” and climate change.
Lowe Tech: Laying Clean Energy Foundations
A review finds that Australia is a late adopter of clean energy.
Lowe Tech: Back to the Future
Light rail systems are finding favour more than half a century since Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide scrapped their tram networks.
Lowe Tech: Sensitivity to Smart Meters and Water Bills
The Victorian state election will feature a new party opposed to smart electricity meters on health grounds, while others are campaigning against wifi in schools.
Lowe Tech: The Lucky Country – 50 Years Later
How much has changed since Donald Horne labelled Australia “the lucky country” as a warning about its “second-rate leaders”?
Lowe Tech: Nuclear Naïvity
Political posturing over the nuclear industry and higher education reveal scant regard for science.
Lowe Tech: Budget Delivers Austerity Measures for Science
Science agencies were delivered substantial funding cuts in the 2015 Budget.
Lowe Tech: An Energy Wolf in Greens’ Clothing?
Is the creation of a single government portfolio encompassing energy and the environment a fatal conflict of interest?
Lowe Tech: The Eye of the Renewable Energy Storm
Political foes have united in their condemnation of fear-mongering about renewable energy.
Lowe Tech: Thirty Year Warning
CSIRO predicted the increasing severity of cyclones 30 years ago.
Lowe Tech: A Second Warning to Humanity
Fifteen thousand scientists have issued a warning to humanity that “many current life forms could be annihilated or committed to extinction by the end of this century”.
Lowe Tech: The War on Plastic
Our present epoch has been called the Anthropocene because of the dominance of human activity, but perhaps it should be called the Plasticine.
Lowe Tech: Sustainable Food Production on the Menu
A scientific report has set targets for a healthy diet derived from sustainable food production.
Online Feature: Study finds no evidence wind turbines make you sick – again
An NHMRC review finds no evidence for wind turbine syndrome.
Online Feature: CSIRO risks backing the wrong horse as it reacts to budget cuts
What happens to CSIRO when the federal government decides to strip away A$111 million over four years from its A$733 million annual contribution to the organisation’s budget? We are beginning to find out.
Online Feature: Chief Scientist CSG report leaves health concerns unanswered Online Feature: Fossil fuel growth centre harks back to old ideas about climate costs
Online Feature: How the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry have transformed research and saved lives
The 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to work on how to use the principles of evolution to create new medical treatments and renewable fuels.