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Browse: The Paradox of Healthy Obesity Browse: Anti-Paleo Diet Boosts Life-Extending Hormone
Browse: IVF Mice Prone to Diabetes
Mice conceived through IVF are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those conceived naturally, adding to evidence that the same may be true for humans.
Browse: A Diabetes Treatment from Snail Venom
Browse: Protein Reverses Type 1 Diabetes
The protein CD52 suppresses immune responses and could stop autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes, according to a report in Nature Immunology.
Browse: Fructose Hits Sweet Spot
Browse: Common Chemicals Linked to Chronic Disease in Men Browse: Sitting Absolved from Diabetes Risk
Browse: Diabetes Drug Reduces Heart and Kidney Diseases
Feature: Out of the Darkness
Researchers find that light therapy and saffron can protect us against the leading stealers of sight.
Browse: Growth Hormone Target for Cancer and Diabetes Browse: Healthy Fat Reverses Diabetes
Browse: Link between Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer
Researchers from the University of Melbourne have found an association between pancreatic cancer and diabetes.
Browse: Antioxidant Reduces Obesity and Diabetes Symptoms
Insulin injection
Feature: Artificial Pancreas Reduces Highs & Hypos
Researchers hope that within 3 years new insulin pump software may be available to replace the functions of pancreatic beta-cells lost in Type 1 diabetes.
pancreatic stem cells
Feature: Adult Stem Cells Offer New Hope for Diabetics
The transplantation of insulin-producing cells has been limited by a shortage of donor tissue. Could pancreatic stem cells offer a way forward for the treatment of diabetes?
Browse: Sensor Protein Tells Cells to Burn Fat Browse: “Medicinal Food” Counters Onset of Juvenile Diabetes
Browse: Placental Tissue Gives Gift of Life a Second Time Browse: Diabetics Should Pause Paleo Diet
 Credit: Frog 974/Adobe
Cover Story: Could Sugarcane Prevent Diabetes?
When sugar is refined we are discarding antioxidants that not only temper metabolic diseases but can also restore insulin production.
Feature: Gestational Diabetes: The Effects Don’t Stop at Birth
Jenny Gunton is a Senior Research Fellow with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research’s Diabetes and Transcription Factors Group.
Feature: Platypus Venom Spurs Diabetes Treatment
Radical evolutionary changes in a hormone involved in glucose control might lead to a new treatment for type 2 diabetes derived from platypus venom.
Browse: Take a Break from Sitting
Overweight workers in sedentary jobs should take frequent short activity breaks to reduce the negative impacts of sitting for too long, a paper in Diabetes Care suggests.
Browse: Diabetes Drug Prevents Parkinson’s
Diabetes is a major risk factor for developing Parkinson’s disease, with some diabetes drugs affecting the development of the latter.
Browse: Diabetes Determines Lung Transplant Success
Diabetes is the strongest risk factor for the death of lung transplant recipients, according to Dr Kathryn Hackman.
Browse: Fathers Transmit Diabetes
Obesity in male mice is a risk factor for their offspring but affects sons and daughters differently, according to a report in The FASEB Journal.
Browse: Diabetic Women Have Higher Stroke Risk
A review of more than 60 studies has shown that women with type 2 diabetes have a 27% higher risk of stroke than men with diabetes.
Browse: Maternal Exercise Keeps Unborn Boys Trim and Terrific Browse: Brown Fat Keeps Blood Sugar in Check
Browse: Monotreme Venom’s Potential as a Diabetes Drug Browse: Hormone in Platypus Venom Could Treat Diabetes
The Fit: The “Obesity Paradox” Paradox
Three recent studies have cast new darkness on the paradox that overweight adults are more likely to get diseases such as diabetes yet seem to live longer.
Up Close: Pump it up: Exercise, your muscles, and type 2 diabetes
Cell biologist and sports physiologist Prof Mark Febbraio discusses research that uncovers the relationship amongst exercise, muscular activity, obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Up Close: Linking childhood diarrhoea and the onset of type I diabetes
Virologist Associate Professor Barbara Coulson explains how a common childhood infection could hasten the onset of type 1 diabetes.
Online Feature: Is the end to diabetic injections in sight?
Nasal gel reduces blood glucose levels.