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Feature: The Crocodile and the One-Armed Bandit
Researchers have introduced crocodiles to test how excitement influences gambling behaviour on poker machines.
food addict
Feature: Is Food Addiction Real?
Emerging research suggests that food addiction may be a previously unrecognised factor contributing to the rise in overweight and obesity.
Feature: More Than Just a Game
Excessive video gamers have the same physiological disturbances and disrupted thought processes as those addicted to substances and gambling.
Browse: Can the “Love Hormone” Protect Against Addiction?
Addictive behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse could be associated with poor development of the so-called “love hormone” system in our bodies during early childhood, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.
Feature: Why Haven’t We Cured Addiction Yet?
Millions of people are struggling with addictions to smoking, drinking and drugs, but the search for new medications to help them quit remains elusive. Here’s why.
Browse: Lab Accident Cuts the Cost of Addiction Drugs
A laboratory accident has shown the way to cheaper production of opiates used to treat heroin and alcohol addiction.
Browse: Coffee Craving Is in the Genes
A large part of the coffee enthusiasts’ passion lies in an abundance of caffeine-craving genes.
Browse: Party Drug Lights Up Rodent Brains
The effects on rats of mephedrone, better known as the party drug meow meow, indicate that for once the hype about a drug’s addictive effects might be accurate.
Browse: Nurture Immunises Against Addiction
Nurturing of infants could be a powerful factor in their propensity to addiction.
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conSCIENCE: Big Tobacco’s Innovative Smokescreen
While tobacco companies claim to be cooperating with health authorities to reduce smoking, new tobacco products are squarely aimed at recruiting new smokers.
Expert Opinion: Getting Stoned May Not Be Making Teens Stupid
A previously reported causal link between teenage marijuana use and a reduction in IQ may be erroneous. A Norwegian researcher re-examined data from the Dunedin longitudinal study of cannabis users in New Zealand and found that the decrease in IQ observed may instead be linked to lower socioeconomic status.
Expert Opinion: Smoking Dope Just Once as a Teen Could Change Your Brain
Teenagers who say they have only smoked cannabis once or twice have both structural and cognitive changes to their brains.
Quandary: No Joy for Addicts
Neurosurgeons in China are treating drug addicts by destroying a part of the brain responsible for feeling pleasure.
Up Close: Can't give it up: The science behind addiction and the brain
Behavioral neuroscientist Prof Andrew Lawrence discusses addictive and compulsive behaviors around drug and alcohol use, the power of psychological dependence, and how the brains of addicts differ from those of the rest of us.
Online Feature: Is sexual addiction the real deal?
Researchers have measured how the brain behaves in "hypersexual" people who have problems regulating their viewing of sexual images.
Online Feature: Can people really be addicted to sex?
Is there a neurological basis to hypersexuality?
Online Feature: Junk food packaging hijacks the same brain processes as drug and alcohol addiction
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