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moths with popcorn
Feature: How Toxic Is Traditional Bush Tucker in the Alps?
Bogong moths are not only traditional bush tucker for indigenous people, but they are also important food for many alpine species. But does the discovery that they contain elevated levels of arsenic pose any real dangers to indigenous people or the high country ecosystem?
Example of a modern rammed earth house in Western Australia.
Feature: Remote Housing Need Not Cost the Earth
Building and maintaining houses in remote Aboriginal communities is difficult and expensive, but engineering improvements to rammed earth constructions offer a viable alternative.
Feature: A Burning Question
For thousands of years, indigenous Australians modified the landscape of the continent through regular and widespread burning of vegetation. Their use of fire was in part for hunting purposes and also for clearing pathways, for signalling other tribal groups and for promoting grass regrowth. Results from a recent climate modelling experiment suggest that these traditional burning practices may have been of sufficient magnitude to change the climate of northern Australia.