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Articles related to science education

Feature: The Gender Divide in Science Education
While girls now match boys in their interest and ability in science, there remains a stark disparity in the subjects they select and the careers they pursue.
Directions: Australia’s High Schools Are Into STELR
The STELR program now reaches 500 schools, 50,000 students and 1500 teachers each year.
Lowe Tech: Plimer’s climate change book for kids underestimates science education
Ian Plimer says kids are being taught activism, not science.
Up Front: Evidence Is “Not Like It Used to Be”
Donald Trump’s hair is a metaphor for how people misuse evidence to fit their worldview.
Up Front: Unrest in the Ranks – and Rankings
Working scientists are becoming disenchanted in the workplace at a time when scientific literacy of students is slipping.
Up Front: A New Twist in the DNA Revolution
Gene drives take genetic modification to the population level, with applications in health, conservation and agriculture, but there are also practical and ethical concerns.