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Feature: Future-Proofing Students
Ten partnerships are piloting an innovative program that provides high school students with an industry-supported pathway to a STEM-related qualification.
Feature: Scientists at Breaking Point
Australian researchers are finding their careers more difficult to manage, with job security, uncertainty of funding and workload at the top of their concerns.
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Feature: Alternative Career Options for Scientists
A research career doesn’t suit everybody, but the skill sets of scientists can lead to rewarding careers beyond academia.
Feature: More Alternative Career Options for Scientists
A research career doesn’t suit everybody, but the skill sets of scientists can lead to rewarding careers beyond academia, such as in sales and business management.
Feature: Alternative Measures of Research Impact
New “altmetrics” tools are enabling universities and the private sector to identify emerging talent much earlier than traditional measures of academic publications and citations.
conSCIENCE: Science in a Fluoro Jacket
Contrary to common perception, most working scientists are not “researchers” and don’t work for public institutions.
conSCIENCE: How to Get Girls into Physics
Research from the UK has identified several impediments that discourage girls from studying physics, with new interventions now being trialled.
conSCIENCE: Science Is Not Just Whitefella Business
Australia’s indigenous culture has a rich scientific heritage, yet indigenous people are under-represented in science-related careers today. Some simple steps can change this.
conSCIENCE: Bridging the Divide between Academia and Industry
The Science Next Collaborative is helping early- and mid-career researchers to make the leap from research to commercialisation.
conSCIENCE: Confucius Was Not a Qualified Career Adviser
Turning your hobby into your job may not necessarily lead to happiness.
conSCIENCE: Career Concerns Could Bust the Ideas Boom
A survey of professional scientists has uncovered worker fatigue and broad dissatisfaction with remuneration and reduced scientific capability as a result of cost-cutting.
Directions: Women Face a Thicket of Obstacles
Gender equality in science, technology and engineering will be a long process.
Directions: We Need to Come to Terms with Unconscious Bias
Training that increases our awareness of unconscious bias is useful but insufficient.
Directions: Changing the Way We Do Things
We need to have a critical mass of women in key roles.
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Directions: Solving the Gender Equation
The SAGE program aims to engender balance in STEM professions.
Fossil File: Getting a Palaeontology Job in Australia
Australia’s funding system disadvantages students attempting to turn their palaeontology studies into a career.
Lowe Tech: Engineering Numbers Aren’t Adding Up
Our universities aren’t producing enough engineers to meet demand, and gender balance remains an issue.
Up Front: Too Many Science Graduates
A new report finds that the increasing number of science graduates are having difficulty finding relevant employment.
Up Front: Unrest in the Ranks – and Rankings
Working scientists are becoming disenchanted in the workplace at a time when scientific literacy of students is slipping.
Up Front: Gender Bias Extends to Peer Review
Gender bias in science is found not only in pay and seniority but also in the peer review process.
Up Front: Publish, Patent, Be Social or Perish
A researcher’s impact extends beyond measures of publications and citations to patents, peer review and social media influence.