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Articles related to research funding

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conSCIENCE: We Will Never Cure Cancer, So Should We Even Try?
Billions of dollars are spent on cancer research each year for minimal gains. Would that money be better invested elsewhere?
Browse: Medical Research Grant Success Slides to 14.9%
Browse: Grant Funding Should Be a Lottery
Feature: Science Funding Attracts a Crowd
Crowdfunded scientific research has hit Australia as researchers communicate and engage with the public in exchange for their funds and their faith.
Browse: Scientists Love Work but Fear Cuts
A survey by Nature has found that scientists are satisfied with their work but are disturbed by the way the global financial crisis (GFC) has affected research budgets.
Browse: Federal Budget 2014: a snapshot for science
A list of some key science-related Budget announcements
conSCIENCE: View from the Top
The new head of the ARC looks ahead at changes to funding programs and an open access regime.
Expert Opinion: National Commission of Audit’s recommendations for scientific research
The National Commission of Audit has suggested a major overhaul of the way scientific research is carried out in Australia, including greater government control over the work undertaken by CSIRO and abolishing the Cooperative Research Centre Association.
Expert Opinion: Federal Budget 2014-15
Experts address how the latest announcements will impact on research, health and science.
Lowe Tech: The Numbers Don’t Add Up
Researchers spent a combined 550 years writing grant applications last year, yet 80% missed out.
Lowe Tech: Climate Policy in Limbo
The abolition of the carbon tax has stifled investment in renewable energy.
Lowe Tech: University’s Share Portfolio Makes Coal Industry Dirty
Selling shares in fossil fuel companies may seem an ethical choice but it may equally be sound investment practice.
Quandary: Should Scientists Declare Non-Financial Conflicts of Interest?
Conflicts of interest are rife in scientific research, but non-financial conflicts of interest are often overlooked.
Up Close: Publish and perish: Science and medical researchers under pressure
Psychiatrist Joeri Tijdink discusses his research into how increasing pressures on science and medical researchers to win funding, achieve positive research results, and publish in highly esteemed journals may be linked to professional burnout and even research misconduct.
Up Front: Don’t Bite the Hand that Funds
Corporate interests have a heavy hand in how research is designed, conducted and reported.
Online Feature: Don't bury the benefits of research to improve the health system
The McKeon review sets out a ten-year strategy to better integrate health and medical research into the public health system.
Online Feature: Australian Antarctic science is being frozen out by budget cuts
Despite rising costs, the government this year handed an 8% budget cut to the Australian Antarctic Division.
Online Feature: Guess who defines 'waste' in ARC-funded research
A Coalition government would reign in wasteful spending on research, but are their decisions based on evidence of waste or merely the Coalition’s funding priorities?
Online Feature: Futile Research or Stealthy Censorship?
It's hard to see the Coalition's plans to weed out "futile" research as anything other than a cynical attempt to defund topics the Coalition doesn’t like.
Online Feature: What about science in the Commission of Audit report?
The federal government’s Commission of Audit treats science, research and education as expenses to be trimmed rather than investments to be nurtured.
Online Feature: Judgement day for Abbott on science and research funding
This Budget lacks any overall long-term strategy for science.
Online Feature: CSIRO risks backing the wrong horse as it reacts to budget cuts
What happens to CSIRO when the federal government decides to strip away A$111 million over four years from its A$733 million annual contribution to the organisation’s budget? We are beginning to find out.
Online Feature: Australia's astronomy future in a climate of cutbacks
The future looks very bright for Australian radio astronomy but it was somewhat clouded earlier this year when CSIRO’s radio astronomy program took a dramatic hit in the Australian federal budget.
Online Feature: There are no free rides to the future: Australia's Chief Scientist
A transcript of the 2014 Jack Beale Lecture on the Global Environment hosted at the University of New South Wales.