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Articles related to reefs

Browse: Promiscuity May Help Corals Survive Bleaching Browse: Parasites Turn Fish
Parasites can make fish left- or right-finned, or at least with a tendency to turn one way, according to researchers at the Australian National University.
Browse: Sharks More Abundant on Healthy Coral Reefs
A remote-operated vehicle explores the deep reef. © Catlin Seaview Survey
Feature: Deep Impact
The shallow reefs of the Great Barrier Reef are under stress, with a recent report estimating that half of the coral cover has been lost within the past three decades. However, scientists are now discovering healthy coral communities lying in deeper waters adjacent to these disturbed areas. Could these deep reefs hold the key to the survival of the Great Barrier Reef?
Feature: The Beauty of Obsolete Oil Rigs
The ear bones of reef fish are telling marine ecologists which decommissioned oil rigs are creating a vibrant habitat and which need to be brought back to land for disposal.
Browse: Corals a Major Source of Climate Gas at Low Tide
Eco Logic: The Resilience of the Reef (and Reef Tourism)
The lifestyle values of reef tourism companies contribute to the resilience of those companies and to better conservation outcomes for the Reef itself.
Up Close: Prey for the oceans: How marine predators influence reef ecology
Marine biologist, Prof Robert Warner, discusses the relationship between marine predators and their prey. He also explains why marine environments may be more robust than terrestrial ecosystems in the face of human impacts.