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Articles related to quantum physics

Browse: Quantum Tunnelling in an Instant
Feature: A Quantum of Silence
Single photons have weird yet useful behaviours, with applications ranging from secure communications to quantum computing. While current silicon photon sources often produce additional “noise photons” that interfere with these emerging technologies, new research has discovered a method to quieten this quantum chaos.
Feature: How Certain Can You Be?
A team of physicists has challenged the limits of Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle by measuring quantum particles with unprecedented accuracy.
Feature: Dr Who Meets Professor Heisenberg
Researchers have simulated in the laboratory how quantum particles could overcome the “grandfather paradox” of time travel.
Feature: Quantum Satellite Micius Challenges Einstein
Quantum cryptography experiments onboard a new Chinese Earth satellite foreshadow secret communications on a global scale with security guaranteed by the laws of physics.
Feature: When Parallel Worlds Collide
Bizarre quantum phenomena, such as particles tunnelling through barriers and behaving like waves, can be explained by subtle interactions between our world and others.
Browse: Einstein’s “Spooky” Theory May Enhance Internet Security
Einstein’s scepticism about quantum mechanics may lead to an ultra-secure internet, according to a paper published in Physical Review Letters.
Browse: Heisenberg Principle a Little Less Uncertain
It may be possible to measure the location and speed of a particle more accurately than previously recognised.
Browse: Einstein Was Wrong about “Spooky Action at a Distance” Browse: Laser Light Cools Quantum Liquid
Browse: Researchers refine method to detect quantum entanglement Browse: Scientists Detect Electrons Outside Their Regular Orbits
Online Feature: Black holes might exist, but let’s stay sceptical
Peruse the astrophysical literature and you could be forgiven for thinking black holes exist. But do they really?