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Articles related to population

Feature: The Outback Needs More People
Fewer people now live in the outback than before European settlement, so conservation efforts are aiming to attract more people who can actively manage the landscape.
Feature: Bigger or Better?
A number of commentators and interest groups extol the need to increase Australia’s population, but how well do their arguments stand up to scrutiny?
Feature: Changes in Our Global Footprint
Our impacts on the Earth are slowing down relative to population and economic growth.
Browse: Climate Is Driving Migration
conSCIENCE: Science Needs a Central Place in the New Urban Agenda
More of the global population is becoming concentrated in cities yet science has been largely excluded from global urbanisation planning.
Lowe Tech: Common Concerns in Mother England
Population, nuclear energy and marine conservation are issues in common for Australia and the UK.
Lowe Tech: CSG Regulation Is “Frackmented”
The coal seam gas industry in NSW is arguing against the need for buffer zones, while it’s “open slather” in Queensland.
Lowe Tech: Hands Up If You Want to Store Our Nuclear Waste
The federal Government has called for volunteers to site a nuclear waste repository.
Quandary: Eugenics Tackles Climate Change
Can a proposal to genetically modify children that are smaller to reduce their carbon footprint be taken seriously?
Quandary: Will IVF Keep Us Young?
Talk of IVF as a solution for declining birth rates is a sign that governments are clutching at straws.