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Articles related to patents

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Feature: Patently Mad About Patents
Recent changes in the US patent system have been promoted as a boon to the US economy, but are the benefits of these changes universal?
Expert Opinion: Designer Baby Patent Makes Scientists Uneasy
A private company, 23andMe, has patented a method of creating “designer” babies by allowing the selection of sperm and eggs that are most likely to produce traits chosen by the parents, such as eye colour or athleticism, and also allows screening out of sperm and eggs likely to lead to genetic disease.
Up Front: Publish, Patent, Be Social or Perish
A researcher’s impact extends beyond measures of publications and citations to patents, peer review and social media influence.
Online Feature: Inventing life: patent law and synthetic biology
The field of synthetic biology poses a number of challenges for patent law.
Online Feature: Four things you should know about gene patents
The Federal Court’s decision that gene patenting is permitted in Australia will have ramifications for all gene patents, even though the case involved only one gene associated with breast cancer.