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Articles related to parasites

Feature: Can Hookworms Cure Coeliac Disease?
Coeliac disease patients infected with hookworms can tolerate gluten-containing foods, revealing the potential for these parasites and their secretions to treat a range of inflammatory diseases.
Browse: Parasites Turn Fish
Parasites can make fish left- or right-finned, or at least with a tendency to turn one way, according to researchers at the Australian National University.
Credit: asbtkb
Feature: Fighting Creepy with Crawly
The Australian sheep industry is crippled by drug-resistant parasitic worms, but the unique chemistries in spider venoms are showing promise as a new class of drenching agent.
Browse: Bees Employed as Flying Doctors
Browse: Parasites a Drag for Fish
A parasite affects fish health more through the loss of its streamlined shape than through the blood it sucks, two PhD students at the Australian National University have found.
Browse: Garlic Deters Bloodsuckers
Garlic can protect fish from parasites.
Browse: Animals Spread Parasite Eggs in Water Catchments