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Feature: The Other Red Meat on the “Real” Palaeodiet
Are we really willing to eat the authentic palaeodiet, even if it means taking up cannibalism?
Heathland in the Stirling Ranges National Park
Feature: Ancient Rainforests or Burning Bush?
New fossil evidence is forcing a rethink of whether rainforest or fire-prone shrubland prevailed in Australia during the age of the dinosaurs.
Feature: Top 10 Science Stories of 2014
A recap of the top science stories in 2014, from Ebola's spread and a Facebook experiment that wasn't "liked" to the discovery of Richard III's remains and the world's largest dinosaur.
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Browse: Devil’s Bigger Extinct Cousin Discovered Fossil File: The Birth of Filter-Feeding Giants
Fossil File: Lessons from the Chinese Palaeontology Boom
Lack of funding and technical support ensures that many significant Australian fossil specimens will continue to gather dust.
Fossil File: So You Wanna Become a Palaeontologist, Kid?
Some career advice for young people to get a start in palaeontology.
Fossil File: Dinosaurs Should Rock Older Students Too
Primary schools use dinosaurs to teach how scientific disciplines overlap. Universities should too.
Browse: Dingoes Reached Australia More Recently Than Previously Thought