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Articles related to mosquitoes

Feature: Driving Mosquitoes out of Town
Existing techniques to control mosquito-borne diseases are coming up short. Can gene drives offer hope to the millions affected?
Feature: Why Don’t Mozzies Get a Fever?
Understanding how mosquitoes protect themselves from the viruses they carry could lead to new ways of controlling the spread of viral diseases like dengue or yellow fever.
Browse: London’s Underground Mozzie Molests Us in Winter
The London Underground mosquito has been found in hundreds of locations in southern and central Australia.
Browse: Mosquitoes Engineered to Resist Zika Virus
Expert Opinion: Mozzies Knocked out with Gene Drive
Researchers say they've successfully used a CRISPR-based gene drive to cause the collapse of a population of caged malaria-carrying mosquitoes by targeting a gene that determines whether an individual mosquito develops as a male or a female.