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Browse: Lunar Craters Revealed
It might be thought that 400 years of telescope observations, not to mention numerous manned and robotic missions, would have revealed every decent-sized crater on the near side of the Moon. However, Curtin University has turned up evidence for 280 previously unidentified lunar craters, many on the near side.
Out of this World: New Super-Earth May Be a Waterworld
News from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Out of this World: A Village on the Moon
The ESA wants to build a Moon base, and the search for ET scales up
Out of this World: Giant Comets Could Endanger Life on Earth
Giant comets could endanger life on Earth, and there is new evidence of water in the Moon’s interior.
Out of this World: Massive Star’s Dying Blast Caught By Pure Chance!
A massive star’s dying blast has been caught by pure chance, and how early moons collided to form today’s Moon.
Up Front: Australia’s Place in a Modern Space Race
Australia’s space industry will have to pick sides in a new space race 50 years since astronauts first landed on the Moon.