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Articles related to mining

Feature: Mining Minerals in Space
Space is a vast source of valuable minerals that could soon propel an extraterrestrial mining industry that underpins a colony on Mars.
Browse: Lead Contamination Found in Bees and Their Honey
Directions: When Gold Loses Its Glitter
The Gold Rush left behind thousands of mines that remain toxic to the environment. The mining sector needs to develop a national abandoned mine initiative to regain public trust.
Browse: Broken Hill Playgrounds Contaminated
Browse: A New Way to Extract Uranium Browse: Smelting Emissions Escape Regulation
The sap exuding from Pycnandra acuminata in New Caledonia
Feature: Heavy Metal Farming
Special plants called hyperaccumulators can extract valuable metals from mineralised soils, yielding metallic crops that are more valuable than food grown in soils that are unsuitable for normal agriculture.
Browse: Underground WASPS to Save Miners’ Lives
Underground wireless tracking technology could assist the rescue of trapped miners after disasters, and may also increase productivity when things are going well.
Browse: Ancient Oceans of Gold Point to Potential New Deposits conSCIENCE: The Miner’s Myth
Several myths have been propagated to counter compelling evidence for community health issues arising from mining and smelting operations in Mount Isa and Broken Hill.
Directions: Mineral Exploration Malaise Uncovered
The UNCOVER Initiative aims to revive Australia’s minerals exploration efforts.
Lowe Tech: Some Spice Added to the Uranium Export Debate
Do Australian uranium exports to India set a precedent for exports to other non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?
Lowe Tech: Canberra Lowers the Flag on Science
Science has already disappeared from sight in the new Abbott government.
Lowe Tech: Rare Stability for Science in Government
The return of the Coalition government has paused the merry-go-round of Science Ministers.
Up Close: Tailings tidy up: How bioremediation can repair the damage done by mining
Biogeochemist Dr John Moreau and botanist Dr Augustine Doronila discuss how contaminated mining sites can be rehabilitated with the help of a biological approach using plants and bacteria.
Online Feature: Mining with Liquids
New minerals research at the South Australian Museum is set to change the face of the mining industry, with Head of Earth Sciences Professor Allan Pring and his team working on the concept of ‘liquid mining’.