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Australasian Science Magazine Issue September and October 2010

Cover Story: The Rise of Intelligence
What were the influences that drove the evolution of intelligence in humans?
Feature: Life On Mars?
New NASA claims of Martian life in a meteorite discovered in Antarctica haven’t convinced astrobiologists.
An Operational Desert Fireball Network camera station
Feature: Desert Fireballs
An intelligent camera system has been set up to track and recover meteorites in the Nullarbor.
Could the brain be more vulnerable to apnoea if CPAP therapy is discontinued?
Feature: A New Reason to Lose Sleep
Are people with sleep apnoea prone to brain injury from oxygen deprivation?
Feature: Fire, Erosion and the End of the Megafauna
Tasmania’s erosion history links ancient Aboriginal burning practices with the demise of Tasmania’s megafauna.
Feature: Lie to Me
Will brain scans revolutionise our legal system?
Feature: The Double-Edged Sword of Technology
When questions of population growth and sustainability are debated, the silver bullet of technological progress is usually proposed or implied. But historical evidence and simulations of the future demonstrate the danger of relying on technology.
Feature: Fruit Extracts Help Exercise Recovery and Asthma
Natural fruit compounds may balance the impacts that exercise can have on the body and help breathing in some types of asthma.
conSCIENCE: The Aristotle Swan Test
Students from school to university should be learning the essential skills of critical thinking.
Cool Careers: The Amateur Astronomer
Trevor Barry has demonstrated that dedicated amateurs can still make important contributions to science, at least in astronomy.
Eco Logic: What Do Greenies Want?
The conservation movement is often too busy stopping others from getting what they want, and doesn’t spend enough time trying to make its own progress. Maybe it’s time to create a clear set of objectives with plans on how to deliver those objectives.
Green energy
Lowe Tech: Renewable Economics
Growth in GDP could pay for the entire electricity system to be converted to a mix of renewables by 2020.
Naked Skeptic: Of Meridians and Mice
Research published recently in a reputable scientific journal suggests that acupuncture could have an analgesic effect on mice.
Out of this World: Huge Solar Storms to Impact Earth
Dave Reneke brings news from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Down's syndrome
Quandary: The Whole Truth
A blood test for Down’s syndrome claims to be the “Holy Grail” of prenatal testing.
Simon Says: Plate of the Nation
Our most successful television program provides insights into the Australian state of mind.