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Australasian Science Magazine Issue September 2015

Cover Story: Turn Down the Volume?
Does music help or hinder our concentration and memory?
Feature: Climate Change according to Australia Post
Postage stamps are time capsules representing the events and issues of their time. Why, then, have Australia’s many stamp issues steered clear of climate change?
Feature: Larry and the Science Factory
After meeting with new CEO Larry Marshall, Ian Maxwell looks at CSIRO’s place among public and private interests, and the options from here.
Feature: When Parallel Worlds Collide
Bizarre quantum phenomena, such as particles tunnelling through barriers and behaving like waves, can be explained by subtle interactions between our world and others.
Feature: The Other Red Meat on the “Real” Palaeodiet
Are we really willing to eat the authentic palaeodiet, even if it means taking up cannibalism?
Joanne Draper
Feature: Rewilding Australia
Are there ecological benefits behind proposals to return Tasmanian devils to the mainland and dingoes to south-eastern Australia, or is “rewilding” simply “biological control” rebranded?
Credit: Elka Lesmono
Feature: Kissing Cousins: Why Haven’t Arranged Marriage Laws Reduced Human Genetic Diversity?
Many traditional communities, including our ancestors, have long enforced marriage between first cousins. Why hasn’t this had a negative impact on genetic diversity?
dog nose
Feature: The Scent of a Crime
Cadaver-detection dogs can’t be trained using human remains. How accurately can the complex scents emitted by decomposing bodies be mimicked when these dogs are trained?
Australasian Sky: This Month's Star Chart
Your map of the night sky for this month.
conSCIENCE: Jobs of the Future: The Known Unknown
The digital revolution is having a profound impact on the workforce. Increasing skills in science, technology, engineering and maths is not optional.
The Bitter Pill: Pseudoscience in Sport: If It’s Legal It Probably Doesn’t Work
Elite athletes are prime targets for emerging sham products that promise make-believe effects.
Directions: Retaining the Lead in Solar Cell Technology
Australia must embrace change to realise its advantage in solar photovoltaics.
Eco Logic: Why Publish Research?
Why publish research when what we are after is conservation outcomes? Here’s why.
Expert Opinion: Should Doctors Recommend Homeopathy?
A debate in the British Medical Journal has argued about whether the report into the evidence for homeopathy by Australia’s NHMRC omitted key pieces of evidence.
The Fit: The Days of Our Lives
Spoiler alert: the next 850 words will tell you exactly how you will live out each day of the rest of your life. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now.
Fossil File: So You Wanna Become a Palaeontologist, Kid?
Some career advice for young people to get a start in palaeontology.
Lowe Tech: Clean Energy Clean Bowled
The Abbott government has placed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation in a Catch-22 situation.
Naked Skeptic: Nocebo: Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Might
The opposite of a placebo is called a “nocebo”, which is when expectations of a bad effect lead to a bad experience.
Neuropsy: Life in the Third Person
People with severely deficient autobiographical memory do not re-experience their past.
Out of this World: When Cosmic Giants Meet Galactic Dwarfs
What happens when two different-sized galaxies collide?
Quandary: I Recognise Your Face
Legislation for opt-in face recognition is essential despite the protests of companies like Google and Facebook.
Simon Says: Suicide Blondes and Blacks
Common perceptions of the incidence of suicide are shaped more by populist fears than real data.
Up Close: Wild and domestic: A cultural history of human-animal relations
Environmental historian Prof Harriet Ritvo recounts the often ambiguous relationships between the human and animal worlds through history, and explores our need to both tame and take inspiration from the wild.
Online Feature: Sustainable oil from algae: the technology is ready, but what about the politics?
Online Feature: The ethics of "gifted" genes: the road to Gattaca?