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Australasian Science Magazine Issue January and February 2011

Wolf Creek crater
Cover Story: The Truth About Impact Craters
The Earth is scarred from meteor impacts, but how old are they and do these ages match the dates of mass extinction events?
Feature: Big Bang Conundrum
An unexpected consistency in the concentration of deuterium atoms in the distant universe might be a curious coincidence, or it could rewrite our understanding of the Big Bang.
Big Bang
Feature: How to Make a MegaStar
Astronomers are still largely in the dark when it comes to understanding how the most massive stars form, but they are now pursuing several new strategies to solve this enduring mystery.
Moon craters
Feature: Cosmic Time Machine
Precise dating of impacts on the Moon might contribute to a better understanding of life on Earth.
Michaela Partridge examining a banded iron formation from the Archean.
Feature: Fool’s Gold: The Search for Early Life
The golden mineral, pyrite, is a valuable tool in the search for the secrets of early life on Earth.
The skull of Australopithecus sediba from Malapa in South Africa.
Feature: The Rise of the Crocodile Hunters
Recent excavations in Kenya have revealed the first evidence that a diet of fish and crocodiles two million years ago may have aided the development of larger brains in the human lineage.
Feature: Is Intelligence Out There?
Intelligence may not be the ultimate outcome of evolution on Earth, so why should we expect human-like intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos?
Tropical fish the sailfin tang visits a cleaner fish.
Feature: The Fish Cleaners
Not all cleaner fish are trustworthy, so why don’t more of them get eaten?
conSCIENCE: The X-Factor in the Productivity Equation
The progress of women in science and technology has stalled for the past 15 years.
Cool Careers: Earliest Animal Fossils in the Outback
Malcolm Wallace has made many contributions to geology, but his discovery of the Arkaroola Reef may overshadow them all.
Eco Logic: Does Fishing Kill Fish?
Do marine reserves work?
Lowe Tech: Barley Breed Brings Better Bowels
A high-fibre barley variety developed by CSIRO is proving a winner with consumers of breakfast cereals.
Naked Skeptic: Lying with the Truth
Association with a prestigious organisation can bestow credibility upon those who don’t deserve it.
Out of this World: The Sun Steals Comets from Other Stars
Dave Reneke brings news from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Quandary: Most Medical Research is Wrong?
An analysis of significant medical research papers has concluded that “most research findings are false for most research designs and for most fields”.
Simon Says: Gene Jousting
To patent or not to patent? That is the question.