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Browse: Stuttering Doesn’t Set Kids Back
Preschool stuttering is associated with better language development and non-verbal skills and has no detectable effect on children’s mental health or temperament, according to a study of 1600 children followed from infancy to the age of four. Of these 11% stuttered, double the rate previously reported.
The enjoyment of music differs across dementia types.
Cover Story: The Language of Emotions in Music
Patients who have been diagnosed with dementia are helping scientists determine which areas in the brain are necessary for identifying emotions in music.
Browse: Pattern Learning Aids Language Development in Kids Eureka!: Like OMG!!! Texting Isn’t Ruining Grammar
The use of text slang does not correlate with bad grammar and spelling in young people.
Naked Skeptic: A Denier or a Skeptic?
Deniers are rebadging themselves as “skeptics” by arguing that they are challenging scientific orthodoxy.
Up Close: Not merely emotion: Reclaiming "passion" as a driver of human behaviour
Philosopher of the emotions Prof Louis Charland argues that we need to reinstate the notion of "passion" in our understanding of human behaviour. Now little mentioned outside of the arts and self-help domains, passion has deep historical roots and may have important contemporary use as a lens through which to view certain psychiatric conditions.
Online Feature: Words that stand the test of time
Linguists have compiled a list of words that can be traced to old forms around the time of the last Ice Age.
Online Feature: Thinking the unthinkable: tracing language back 15,000 years
Linguists have identified a set of 23 frequent words to establish relationships between languages dating back to ancient times.