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Articles related to koalas

Browse: Heat Waves Stress Sheep and Koala Fertility
Credit: lassedesignen
Feature: High Society
GPS collars have revealed that koalas are more social than previously realised.
Browse: Genetic Clues to Managing Koala Demise
Genetic patterns in koala populations have revealed that the right balance between tree cover and roads is required to save koala populations from urban growth.
Credit: Philip Roetman
Feature: The Koala Conundrum
Wildlife managers believe that overabundant koala populations need to be culled before they strip the manna gums in which they live and begin to starve, but will the public accept culling koalas and other wildlife species, such as kangaroos and brumbies?
Browse: Tree-Hugging Keeps Koalas Cool Eco Logic: Priorities for Koala Recovery
There is no “silver bullet” solution to declining koala numbers. Successful koala recovery is likely to require very different recovery strategies in different places.
Browse: Koala Virus Gives Researchers a Live Look at the Evolution of Junk DNA in Humans