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Articles related to kangaroos

Browse: Arms Maketh the Kangaroo
The secret to mating success is big forearms, at least if you are a male kangaroo, Western Australian researchers have announced in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.
Browse: Kangaroos Are Left-Handed
Browse: Joeys Neglected When Mums Mingle Browse: Kangaroos Eating Reptiles out of House and Home
Browse: Cockies Win, Swallows Lose when Roos Come to Town conSCIENCE: Kangaroos Can Be an Asset Rather Than a Pest
Kangaroo harvesting is not a commercial option for landholders, resulting in greater animal welfare issues for the kangaroos that are culled on private land.
Fossil File: Kangaroo Teeth Tell Their Story of Evolution
An analysis of kangaroo teeth reveals a rapid burst of evolution in response to the expansion of grassland rather than drier climate conditions.