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Articles related to infection

Credit: CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith
Feature: Australia’s Ebola Risk
Improving outbreak control in West Africa resulted in reduced risk to Australia.
Feature: How Zombies Can Save Us from a Real Apocalypse
Mathematical modelling of a zombie apocalypse has real-world applications in our responses to infectious diseases such as Ebola and HIV, wildlife conservation and even the teaching of statistics.
Browse: Cloth Masks Put Health Workers at Risk of Infection Browse: Fabric Reduces Hospital Infections – and Puts an End to Smelly Socks
Browse: Dragonflies Provide Antibacterial Clues
A technique copied from dragonfly wings could prove the key to creating surfaces that are safe from bacteria, and could be used in implants that currently become sites of infection.
Feature: New Blood
Chemotherapy takes a huge toll on the immune system, but new research into blood stem cell proliferation could improve the recovery of patients.
Browse: Shape-Shifting Titanium Provides Hospitals with a Germ-Proof Sliding Doors Moment Eureka!: The Unromantic Truth About Kissing
When couples kiss intimately for 10 seconds they transfer 80 million bacteria.
Eureka!: New York Subway Home to Bubonic Plague and Anthrax
Traces of DNA sampled across New York’s subway have revealed a trail of anthrax, bubonic plague and drug-resistant microbes.
Expert Opinion: Back Pain Can Be Treated with Antibiotics
New research finds that bacterial infection is the cause of 40% of chronic lower back pain.
Up Close: Germ warfare: Young researchers seeking answers to diverse microbe threats
Two young science researchers discuss their investigations of microbes that threaten, respectively, human health and our food supply. We chat with Claire Gorrie about aspects of the drug-resistant bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae, and how it's implicated in serious infections. And Rebecca Vandegeer tells us how the Barley Yellow Dwarf virus strips our wheat crops of their defences, posing a threat to food security.