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Articles related to indigenous knowledge

short-eared rock wallabies
Feature: Mammals on the Brink
Traditional ecological knowledge and western science have combined to address one of Australia’s most pressing biodiversity conservation issues – the decline of its native mammal species.
Feature: A Burning Issue
The use of fire to manage Australia’s vast northern savannas is being doused by government bureaucracy, resistance by pastoralists, loss of indigenous knowledge and mistrust of science.
Feature: When the Ghost Gum Peels, Bull Sharks Are Fat in the River
With indigenous knowledge being lost, six Aboriginal language groups have documented up to 13 “seasons” that can be used by scientists to evaluate the impact of climate change.
conSCIENCE: A Burning Solution
A revival of indigenous fire management in the Gulf country is restoring environmental integrity and reducing carbon emissions.
Browse: Which Witchetty Grubs Make Good Grub?