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Feature: What’s the Key to Chronic Fatigue?
Chronic fatigue has a range of debilitating symptoms that have defied a pathological explanation. Now researchers are zeroing in on receptors with a role in the immune system.
Browse: Molecules Inhibit Cancer Metastasis and Multiple Sclerosis
Feature: Can Hookworms Cure Coeliac Disease?
Coeliac disease patients infected with hookworms can tolerate gluten-containing foods, revealing the potential for these parasites and their secretions to treat a range of inflammatory diseases.
Browse: Protein Reverses Type 1 Diabetes
The protein CD52 suppresses immune responses and could stop autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes, according to a report in Nature Immunology.
Browse: Immune Alarm Call Identified
An international team of scientists has identified the biochemical key that wakes up the body’s immune cells and sends them into action against invading bacteria and fungi.
HIV virus attacking a cell. martynowi_cz/iStockphoto
Cover Story: Is an End to AIDS in Sight?
Gene therapy is showing promise as a way to turn HIV against itself and cure AIDS.
Browse: Herpes Remains Active Even without Symptoms
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Browse: Immunotherapy Approach Tames Aggressive Cancer Browse: Immune Response Raises Breast Cancer Hopes
Browse: Cocaine Addiction Blocked Browse: Salt Unbalances the Immune System
Browse: Triple-Agent Cells Fight Tumours
Immune cells that have been co-opted by tumours to assist their growth could be returned to a health-assisting role as a result of an Italian–Australian collaboration.
Browse: New Vaccine for Melanoma
A trial vaccine is being touted as the most promising treatment to date for melanoma that has spread, with increased patient survival rates and improved ability to stop or reverse the cancer, according to a study published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer.
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Feature: Too Much of a Good Thing
Our immune system protects us from disease but can also cause harm. Sydney scientists are now trying to interfere with the immune signals that can provoke serious side-effects.
Browse: Lethal Bacteria’s Virulence a “Roll of the Dice”
Browse: The Origins of Pollen Allergens
Credit: Frederic Sierro
Feature: How Hepatitis Escapes the Immune System
Recent discoveries about the unusual behaviour of immune cells in the liver could open the way to new strategies for transplantation and the treatment of viral hepatitis.
Source: iStockphoto
Feature: When the Immune System Forgets
A mutation is revealing the basis behind an immunodeficiency syndrome that stifles the antibody response to vaccination.
Feature: Can Microbes Destroy Cancer?
The efficiency of anti-cancer vaccines can be improved by exposing immune cells to harmless bacteria found in the throat.
B cells
Feature: Hitting the Brakes When Cells Get out of Control
By creating a “traffic jam” in the transport pathway of B cells, researchers have found a potential drug target to slow the proliferation of cancerous cells.
Feature: New Ways to Split a Headache
Chronic headache is poorly understood and notoriously difficult to manage, but immune-targeted medications and electrical stimulation could provide fresh insight into the root cause and treatment of this debilitating condition.
Credit: freshidea/adobe
Feature: Guardians of the Gut
The appendix has long been considered an evolutionary relic but new evidence indicates it has an important role in our immune system.
Feature: Man flu is real, but women get more autoimmune diseases and allergies
Women have evolved to have stronger immunity than men. But this comes with downsides - women are more likely to have autoimmune diseases due to their "reactive" immune systems.
Feature: The Global Collapse of the Oncology Market
A new approach to cancer treatment promises the use of fewer drugs and shorter treatment periods, leading to a “big short” of stocks that profit from oncology.
An electron microscope image of mitochondria undergoing herniation. On the botto
Feature: The Rogue Molecule That Triggers Autoimmunity
Mitochondrial DNA has been implicated in diseases such as arthritis, but how it escapes from inside the mitochondria and triggers these disorders has remained a mystery. Now Australian scientists have captured video evidence of mtDNA escaping for the first time.
Browse: Antibiotic Resistance in Wallabies
Brushtail rock wallabies bred in captivity carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their guts while their wild counterparts do not, a study in PLOS One has revealed.
Browse: Immune Cells Trigger Eczema
A newly identified type of immune cell in the skin appears to help fight off parasites, but may also be responsible for eczema when it triggers wrongly.
Browse: New Use for Death Protein
The involvement of a protein in the body’s back-up mechanism for cell death makes it a target for drugs against a wide variety of diseases.
Browse: An Atlas for Immune Cells in Skin
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Browse: Rogue Molecules Trigger Autoimmunity Browse: Epigenetic Mechanism of Crop Immunity Identified
Up Close: Infected: How HIV works at the cellular level to overwhelm the immune system
Infectious diseases expert Prof Sharon Lewin explains how the HIV virus disarms our immune system and multiplies within it. She also discusses what these discoveries mean for research efforts into future treatment.
Online Feature: 'Dead' gene comes to life and puts chill on inflammation
Discovery may explain how anti-inflammatory steroid drugs work, leading to entirely new classes of anti-inflammatory treatments without some of the side effect of steroids.
Online Feature: Global Immunisation Constrained by Outdated Vaccine Delivery Systems