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Browse: Neanderthals and Modern Humans Coexisted
evolution of man
Cover Story: Seven Discoveries that Changed the Course of Human Evolution
Seven discoveries made by our ancient ancestors were key cultural drivers that changed the course of human evolution in extraordinary ways.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Feature: The Curious Story of the Human Backside
The human posterior is rather peculiar compared with the backsides of our close primate cousins. Its unusual form tells the story of our evolution like no other part of the human body.
Rosetta Stone
Feature: A Stone Age “Rosetta Stone”
Our ancestors had the edge over several other contemporary species of human that were headed for extinction by about 40,000 years ago. What were they doing differently? Archaeological scientists are trying to find out using modern techniques to study traces of use left on stone tools and other artefacts.
Acheulean handaxe
Feature: The Cutting Edge of Cognition
Modern brain scans are revealing whether Stone Age hominins planned to make specific tools or whether their craftsmanship determined the outcome of their endeavours.
rock art
Feature: Strangers on the Shore
New analysis of rock art and other artefacts found in northern Australia are revealing the timing and extent of an ancient aquaculture industry developed by South-East Asian mariners.
Browse: Smarter Brains Are Bloodthirsty
Feature: Human Races: Biological Reality or Cultural Delusion?
Is the concept of racial groups a sociopolitical construct or is there scientific evidence that races exist in humans?
Feature: Australia’s First Dingo
Genetic analyses suggest that in a single colonising event the dingo reached Australia during the Holocene. Since rising seas had already inundated the land bridge connecting Australia to South-East Asia, the dingo must have been accompanying an ancient human sailor.
Online Feature: Brain Versus Brawn: Evolution of the Bubble-Headed Weakling
Differences in metabolism explain why humans evolved brains while apes evolved brawn.
Browse: Climate Biases Fossil Record of Early Humans