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Articles related to health claims

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Feature: Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Classic “Communicated” Disease
Is there any evidence that wind farms cause illness in the community?
The Bitter Pill: Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog
Modern pharmacology is among the most rigorous of sciences. After all, the health of millions depends on pharmacologists getting it right, but what has happened to those who dispense those products – the men and woman of modern pharmacy?
The Bitter Pill: Pseudoscience in Sport: If It’s Legal It Probably Doesn’t Work
Elite athletes are prime targets for emerging sham products that promise make-believe effects.
Naked Skeptic: Milks Ain’t Milk
Milk is sold as full fat, low fat, fat-free, permeate-free, organic, A2 or unpasteurised, but do the health benefits match the marketing hype?