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Browse: Gender Behaviours Inherited from Social Environment Browse: Theory of the Evolution of Sexes Tested with Algae
Browse: Theory of the Evolution of Sexes Tested with Algae
Feature: The 21st Century Imitation Game
New sequencing technologies are enabling scientists to crack the genetic code of rare mitochondrial diseases and disorders of sex development.
Feature: The Gender Divide in Science Education
While girls now match boys in their interest and ability in science, there remains a stark disparity in the subjects they select and the careers they pursue.
Credit: Bahudhara / CC by 4.0
Feature: Women in Science: A New Frontier in Australia
The role of women in Australian science has been a contested arena, a place of major contributions yet of cultural disparity. The recent adoption of the SAGE initiative offers a route to greater gender equity in an innovative nation.
Feature: The Evolution of Sexes
Sex does not depend on the existence of different sexes. Instead, males and females may be the result of genetic conflict arising from the evolution of large and complex individuals.
Browse: Mathematicians Automate Gender Recognition
Browse: Sex Discrimination in the Womb Browse: Girl Shortage in IT Jobs
conSCIENCE: How to Get Girls into Physics
Research from the UK has identified several impediments that discourage girls from studying physics, with new interventions now being trialled.
Directions: We Need to Keep Women in Focus as Change Agents
Not because we should, but because we must – for innovation’s sake.
Directions: Women Face a Thicket of Obstacles
Gender equality in science, technology and engineering will be a long process.
Directions: Changing the Way We Do Things
We need to have a critical mass of women in key roles.
Neuropsy: Girlfriend, Where’s My Car?
Men and women use different strategies to find their car, with different degrees of success.
Quandary: Contraception by WiFi
How secure is an implantable chip that enables birth control to be switched on and off with a mobile phone?
Up Close: You've got male: The wide-ranging effects of testosterone
Endocrinologist and hormone researcher Prof Jeffrey Zajac talks about the broad and transformative effects of testosterone on the male body.
Up Close: What's killing women? Sex disparity and the shifting landscape of age-related disease
Population health researcher Professor Cassandra Szoeke outlines what ails women as they grow older, how men differ from women in age-related diseases, and how public awareness and personal lifestyle change have been shown to have a positive impact on women's quality of life in their later years.
Up Front: Gender Bias Extends to Peer Review
Gender bias in science is found not only in pay and seniority but also in the peer review process.
Up Front: STEMM Faces Generational Gender Gap
A meta-analysis of academic authorship has concluded that gender equity in science remains decades away.