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Articles related to gastroenterology

Feature: Going Gluten-Free: Only for Coeliac Disease?
Dietary trials have revealed that most people who associate gluten with intestinal discomfort do not have a reliable and reproducible response to gluten ingestion, and may even be harming their health by going on a gluten-free diet.
Browse: Stomach Responds to Time of Day
Nerves in the stomach alter the amount we can eat without feeling full depending on the time of day.
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Feature: Flashes of Light Flush Chronic Constipation
A new treatment for chronic constipation involves sticking lights “where the sun don’t shine”.
The ingestible gas sensor
Feature: A Capsule to Look Inside an Irritable Bowel
The impact of diet and illness on the gut can finally be revealed by swallowing an ingenious capsule that directly measures intestinal gases.
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Feature: Gut Feeling
Does indigestion lead to anxiety and other mood disorders, and could a cure be in sight for both?
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Feature: Guardians of the Gut
The appendix has long been considered an evolutionary relic but new evidence indicates it has an important role in our immune system.
Feature: The Role of Gut Microbes in Autism
Gut microbes can modify our mood and even change our behaviour. They’ve now been implicated in a neuronal mutation found in the gut and brain of autistic patients.
Browse: Dairy Avoidance at Dangerous Levels
Up Close: It's alimentary: The brain, the gut’s nervous system, and links to autism
Neuroscientist Dr Elisha Hill and Gastroenterologist Dr Kent Williams discuss the complex interactions between our brain and neurons found in the gut, and consider the over-representation of gastrointestinal disorders in children with autism.
Up Close: Stuff the staff: Understanding and treating celiac disease
Gastroenterologist and researcher Dr Jason Tye-Din explains celiac disease, discusses what can be done to manage the illness and discusses ongoing research towards better understanding and treatment.
Up Close: Gut harmony: Why the right mix of microbes is important to our health
Microbial ecologist Prof Rob Knight explains why we need the millions of microbes that make a home in and on our bodies.
Up Close: Go with the gut: Our symbiotic relationship with our intestinal bacteria
Chemistry researcher Assoc Prof Spencer Williams talks about the rapidly emerging understanding of human microbiota - the diverse and numerous microorganisms that reside on and within our bodies - and particularly how the composition of our gut flora can determine the state of our own health.
Browse: Reflux and heartburn treatments depress body iron levels Feature: How Can Heartburn End Up As Anaemia?
Research finds a link between some of the most popular heartburn treatments and iron deficiency, which can lead to anaemia