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Articles related to gamma ray burst

Browse: The Biggest Bang
An extraordinarily long explosion has caused a rethink of the nature of gamma ray bursts.
 CSIRO’s 64-metre Parkes radio telescope showing an extragalactic radio burst
Feature: The Transient Radio Sky
With the ability to scan the entire sky each night, the Square Kilometre Array will enable astronomers to catch transient events like gamma-ray bursts and fast radio bursts, as well as phenomena that are so short-lived they have never been detected.
Out of this World: The Explosion that Rocked the Universe
The launch of a revolutionary Australian instrument will enable the fastest-ever survey of stars in our galaxy.
Out of this World: Massive Star’s Dying Blast Caught By Pure Chance!
A massive star’s dying blast has been caught by pure chance, and how early moons collided to form today’s Moon.