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Articles related to forestry

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Feature: Under the Shade of Eucalypt Trees
Eucalypt trees are iconic in Australia, with around 900 species spread around the continent. However, a new study has found that toxic compounds in their leaves are having undesirable ecological impacts when eucalypt plantations have been established in other parts of the world.
Credit: Aidenvironment/CC BY-SA 2.0
Feature: It Pays to Grow Trees
When economic forces threaten irreplaceable ecosystems in developing countries it makes sense to employ economic incentives that place a value on forests.
conSCIENCE: Timber Certification Can’t See the Wood for the Trees
There are many laws that govern the harvesting and trading of timber yet illegal logging is rife and prosecution rates are low. It’s time for science to modernise timber certification schemes.
Eco Logic: Bioperversity in the Plantation
A narrow focus on carbon in commercial plantations could yield a number of unwelcome surprises.
Eco Logic: The Reality of Biodiversity Offsets
Many of the expectations for biodiversity offsetting remain unsupported by evidence.
Eco Logic: Fall of the Leviathans
Three of the world’s top forestry ecologists have warned that the planet’s stock of large, old trees is experiencing an accelerating decline.
Lowe Tech: Tasmania’s Logging Industry Cut Down to Size
A study has found that Tasmania’s forestry industry “is not economically viable”.