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Articles related to food security

Feature: Beating the Global Food Crisis
In the first of a two-part series Julian Cribb looks at what is driving global food insecurity – and how we can overcome it.
conSCIENCE: Bee Teams in the Food Bowl
Apiarists and conservationists are at loggerheads, with implications for food security and the fate of indigenous species.
Directions: Focus on Education to Feed the Future
Agricultural science education is a national priority for the nation’s food security.
Directions: Australia Needs Integrated Growth in Agriculture
Strategic investment in technology, science and engineering innovation is required.
Up Close: Going viral: Global food security under threat from crop and livestock diseases
Virologist and infectious diseases expert Prof John Fazakerley details the myriad threats to the global food supply from pathogen infestations in crops and livestock, and how new genetic and surveillance technologies are lending hope to keeping them in check.
Up Close: Feeding the 9 billion: Inconvenient truths about global food security
Sustainable agriculture expert Prof Tim Reeves discusses the profound changes required in agricultural practice, public policy and consumer behavior if we are to feed earth’s ever-growing human population that is projected to exceed 9 billion in 2050. Business as usual won’t pass muster anymore.