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Articles related to fluoridation

Browse: Fluoridation Benefits Adults, Too
Drinking fluoridated water reduces tooth decay, even as an adult, a study by the Australian Research Centre for Population Adult Health has found.
The Bitter Pill: Stepping out of the Dental Dark Ages
Water fluoridation has been one of the country’s most effective public health measures, but parts of Australia don’t have that benefit and may even strongly resist it. Why?
Naked Skeptic: We Live in Fearful Times
Campaigns against fluoridation, vaccination and wind farms prove that if people think something is bad for them they will react badly.
Naked Skeptic: It’s All Happening, and It’s All Connected
This spring sees the decadal anniversaries of two favourites among conspiracy theorists.
Naked Skeptic: Just the Facts, Ma’am
Legislators continue to either refute or ignore science when it clashes with their ideology.