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Articles related to fertility

Cover Story: Fertility in the 21st Century
Fertility is a diverse field of research that encompasses male and female infertility, pregnancy complications, and environmental and lifestyle influences that can affect the reproductive health not only of future generations but also our native wildlife.
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Feature: Brave New Embryology
New technologies are being developed to improve fertility, but the effects on the embryo are uncertain.
Browse: Heat Waves Stress Sheep and Koala Fertility Browse: Omega-3 Improves Paternity Success
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Feature: Egg Supply and Demand
Understanding the relationship between the number of healthy eggs stored in the ovaries and the length of the fertile lifespan will lead to more accurate predictions about how long each woman will remain fertile.
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Feature: The Boys Are Not OK
Not only is male infertility a determining factor in a couple’s ability to start a family, it is also associated with a higher risk of early death.
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Feature: The Biggest Fertility Issue
Emerging evidence indicates that an obese mother or father predisposes their child to obesity via nutritional signals conveyed before birth.
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Feature: Born Too Soon
Each year a million babies die after premature birth, but researchers have now identified a potential treatment.
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Feature: The ART of Milk Production
Assisted reproductive technologies play an increasingly important role in the genetic improvement of the high-yielding dairy cow.
Browse: Female Fertility Linked to Selenium in Diet
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Feature: Reproductive Threats to Australia’s Marsupials
Chemicals used in agriculture, industry and household goods can have effects on marsupial fertility as profound as sex reversal.
Browse: Frozen Embryos Beat Fresh Ones for IVF
Browse: No Long-Term Health Effects from Assisted Reproduction Eureka!: How a Woman’s Fertility Affects Men’s Speech
Men become more creative in their conversations when they detect subtle signals that a woman is fertile.
Quandary: Fertility on Ice
Cryopreservation and eventual transplantation of ovarian tissue may delay menopause, but what are the consequences?
Quandary: Royal Paternity Tested in the Modern Age
A royal paternity test in Belgium has far-reaching implications for fertility clinics.
Quandary: How IVF Is Changing Human History
Since IVF bypasses infertility it must also be having an effect on human evolution.
Up Close: The baby makers: The science behind healthier embryos and better IVF
Reproductive biologist Professor David Gardner explains what we're still learning about healthy embryo development, how it's being applied to improve IVF technologies, and the unexpected insights it may offer into how cells implant themselves and proliferate, including how cancers take hold.