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Articles related to facial recognition

Browse: Photo-ID Checks Placed Under Greater Scrutiny
Credit: auremar/adobe
Feature: How Reliable Is an Eyewitness?
Eyewitness identification of criminals is notoriously unreliable, but a new study based on police records has identified factors that can determine which witnesses are accurate and which are guessing.
Credit: Stephen Coburn/adobe
Feature: Recognising Nemo
Recent studies are helping to dispel the myth that fish have a 3-second memory. In fact, some species of reef fish can even recognise human faces.
Browse: Caucasians Struggle to Distinguish Asian Faces
Differences have been found in the way people of Asian origin process Caucasian faces and vice versa.
Browse: Forensic Examiners Pass the Face-Matching Test Neuropsy: This Is Not My Beautiful Wife
The Capgras delusion raises interesting questions about how the brain attaches emotional responses to familiar faces.
Neuropsy: Face Off
Do motoring enthusiasts recognise cars in the same way people recognise faces?
Neuropsy: An Honest Face
The brain decides whether an unfamiliar face is trustworthy, even before it is consciously perceived.
Neuropsy: Faces in the Crowd
Can naturally gifted face-recognisers improve the detection of lawbreakers?
Neuropsy: Jesus on Toast
The human disposition to find meaning in random data is hard-wired in the brain.
Quandary: I Recognise Your Face
Legislation for opt-in face recognition is essential despite the protests of companies like Google and Facebook.