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Articles related to extraterrestrial life

A Chroococcidiopsis colony containing both normal and “far-red” photosynthetic c
Cover Story: Extreme Photosynthesis: How Life on Earth Could Survive on Mars
The discovery of a new form of photosynthesis extends the limits where life can survive on Earth, and might provide a first step to terraforming Mars.
Browse: The Aliens Are Already Extinct
Curiosity using its Chemistry and Camera instrument
Feature: Life Beneath Mars
The continual discovery of water on other planets raises the hope that now is our time to find life beyond Earth.
Expert Opinion: Liquid water on Mars
Salty streaks identified by an orbiting spacecraft could be the first solid evidence of liquid water - a key ingredient for life as we know it - on Mars.
Out of this World: The Search for Alien Polluters
Astronomers search for alien air pollution, and Earth-based lasers could zap space junk.
Out of this World: Regional Processes Led to Huge Martian Floods
Regional processes led to huge Martian floods, and interstellar seeds could have created oases of life throughout the universe.
Out of this World: Most Earth-Like Worlds Are Unborn
Astronomers have peered behind the Milky Way and determined that 92% of habitable planets have not yet been born.
Out of this World: Bringing the Building Blocks of Life Down to Earth
Astronomers find more evidence for how life began in Earth, and send a greeting to a red dwarf with two habitable planets.