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Articles related to epilepsy

Online Feature: The genetics of epilepsy: bringing hope to families
Credit: Rainer Fuhrmann/Adobe
Feature: Cloudy with a Chance of Seizure
Just as we check the weather forecast to plan our daily activities, people with epilepsy will soon be able to check personalised seizure forecasts to determine their risk and take necessary precautions.
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Up Close: Sequencing seizures: Discovering new genetic mutations behind epilepsy
Neurologist Prof Sam Berkovic and molecular geneticist Prof David Goldstein describe their work uncovering chance mutations that cause childhood epilepsy.
Up Close: Brain in a Dish: the therapeutic potential of stem cells and organoids
Epilepsy researcher Steve Petrou and developmental neuroscientist Miranda Dottori discuss the potential of organoids, miniature immature organs grown in dishes, particularly for future epilepsy and autism research.
Online Feature: Epilepsy in a Dish
Stem cell research reveals clues to disease's origins and possible treatment.
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