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Browse: Can the “Love Hormone” Protect Against Addiction?
Addictive behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse could be associated with poor development of the so-called “love hormone” system in our bodies during early childhood, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.
Expert Opinion: Getting Stoned May Not Be Making Teens Stupid
A previously reported causal link between teenage marijuana use and a reduction in IQ may be erroneous. A Norwegian researcher re-examined data from the Dunedin longitudinal study of cannabis users in New Zealand and found that the decrease in IQ observed may instead be linked to lower socioeconomic status.
Quandary: No Joy for Addicts
Neurosurgeons in China are treating drug addicts by destroying a part of the brain responsible for feeling pleasure.
Online Feature: Shroom to grow: Australia's missing psychedelic science
A recent Norwegian study on psychedelic drugs and psychological well-being not only highlighted fewer mental health issues among users of these drugs but also underscored the reinvigoration of scientific research in a field maligned since the moral panic of the 1960s.