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Articles related to drought

Browse: Indian Ocean Dipole Causes Winter Droughts
The Indian Ocean Dipole has dried southern Australia out, and we can expect more of the same according to Dr Wenju Cai of CSIRO Wealth from Oceans.
Browse: Ocean Winds Keep Australia Dry and Antarctica Cold
The installation of 3000 clear plastic panels simulates an El Niño drought
Feature: A Raincoat for a Rainforest
How do you study the effects of drought in a rainforest? Try covering one in plastic.
Browse: Briefs
Cannabis risk in pregnancy, IVF risks for multiple embryos, early birth better for twins and more.
Browse: The East’s Big Dry
Rainfall in eastern Australia over the past 90 years is less than for the previous seven centuries, Australian Antarctic Division scientists have concluded following the discovery of an unexpected rainfall proxy.
Simon Says: Two Drought Policies
How you cope with long dry spells depends a lot on your place in the evolutionary tree.