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Articles related to disability

Browse: A Smart Cane for the Blind
Feature: Neural Interfaces: From Disability to Enhancement
Neuroprosthetic arms, mind-controlled exoskeletons and brain–computer interfaces are already enabling the disabled, but what happens when these and other devices become mainstream consumer products that blur the lines between enhanced human and machine?
Browse: Tablets Aid Autistic Communication
Most non-verbal autistic children prefer to use tablet computers to communicate rather than sign language or picture cards, according to research in New Zealand.
Up Close: Recovery from stroke: Harnessing the brain's capacity to overcome disability
Stroke rehabilitation researcher Prof. Julie Bernhardt discusses the state of the science in stroke recovery. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, Prof Bernhardt and her team develop and test new exercises and rehabilitation measures that aim not only to reduce disability but promote recovery. This includes renewed attention to precise timing of therapeutic interventions, and to environmental enrichment of clinical spaces.