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Articles related to dinosaurs

Browse: A Dinosaur with a Cock’s Comb
The first evidence of a fleshy crest on a dinosaur has been compared to the comb on modern birds such as roosters.
Browse: Turkey-Sized Dinosaur Found in Ancient Log-Jam
© Peter Schouten from Feathered Dinosaurs: The Origin of Birds
Feature: Survival of the Littlest
Birds co-existed with their dinosaur ancestors for nearly 100 million years, but eventually outlived them. Two new studies have revealed why.
T. rex
Cover Story: Were dinosaurs warm-blooded?
An analysis of muscular power reveals that cold-blooded crocodiles are poor models for our beliefs about dinosaur physiology.
The large Lark Quarry footprints were made by a herbivorous dinosaur.
Feature: Dinosaur Stampede Stopped in its Tracks
A forensic analysis of ancient footprints has cast doubt on claims that a dinosaur stampede took place at Lark Quarry.
The skeleton of Kunbarrasaurus ieversi
Feature: A Dinosaur with an ID Crisis
It’s little wonder that a dinosaur with a parrot-like beak, bones in its skin and an inner ear like a turtle confused the palaeontologists who discovered it in Queensland in 1990.
Browse: Dinosaur Stampede, or Swimming?
Far from being a dinosaur stampede, as commonly suspected, Lark Quarry reveals evidence of dinosaurs swimming or wading across a shallow river, according to University of Queensland scientists.
Fossil File: The Mystery of Deinocheirus Solved
With gigantic arms, a beer belly, a humped back and a duck bill, Dinocheirus is one bizarre dinosaur.
Fossil File: Dinosaurs Should Rock Older Students Too
Primary schools use dinosaurs to teach how scientific disciplines overlap. Universities should too.
Fossil File: The Oldest Lizards, Salty Amphibians and Dandruffy Dinosaurs
While dinosaur dandruff and salt-tolerance in tetrapods have palaeontologists excited, the recent auction of fossil bones is a sore point.
Online Feature: Big bang theory: how did dinosaurs have sex?
How did dinosaurs mate and what evidence do we have to reconstruct their sex lives?