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Articles related to devil facial tumour disease

Browse: Tassie Devils Are Evolving Resistance to Facial Tumours
Credit: Menna Jones
Feature: The Devil Is in the DNA
DNA analysis reveals that Tasmanian devils survived a major population decline thousands of years ago, leaving them with low genetic diversity to withstand devil facial tumour disease.
Browse: New Tasmanian Devil Facial Cancer
Feature: How Zombies Can Save Us from a Real Apocalypse
Mathematical modelling of a zombie apocalypse has real-world applications in our responses to infectious diseases such as Ebola and HIV, wildlife conservation and even the teaching of statistics.
A healthy female Tasmanian devil.
Feature: When the Devil’s Away the Possums Will Play
Brushtail possums are boldly venturing away from the safety of trees to forage on the ground as an unprecedented transmissible cancer removes their major predator, the Tasmanian devil.
Browse: Natural Antibodies Could Combat Tasmanian Devil Cancer
Online Feature: Rewilding the Devil
What evidence is there that reintroducing Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia will affect the number of feral cats, rabbits and foxes?
Browse: Tassie Devil Decline Allows Feral Cats to Flourish